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Book Publishing to Amazon


I will format your book as a paperback and ebook and publish this to your Amazon account so YOU get all the royalties.

If you book contains images – please select the range of images.

If you would like me to design a cover for you – please select Cover Design.

You can start the process by sending a 10% deposit today!

Pay a deposit of 10% per item


Once you have written your manuscript - this can be sent to me for formatting into the book size and style you require.

Your book will include all the inside matter (copyright, contents etc) ready for publishing.

You can send your cover design to me or I can create one for you leaving space for the book  price and code.

Your book, cover and ebook are uploaded to your Amazon account ready for publishing. You can print your own copies at cost from your Amazon account meaning you only keep the stock you need.


  • Your manuscript formatted for Publishing (Paperback and ebook)
  • ISBN assigned to you Free by Amazon
  • You keep all the Royalties
  • Print your own books from Amazon at cost
  • Professional cover design available
  • Layout and sizing advice
  • Once your manuscript is finished,  send me a copy of your text and images (if required)
  • You will need to choose your book size and style from the options here.
  • You book will be formatted into the Paperback layout and a PDF sent to you for checking.
  • If you require  cover,  we will discuss your cover ideas and I will create a sample for you.
  • Once all is agreed, I will create your ebook version and upload your book to your Amazon account.

This is usually an iterative process – however, it’s important that you have proof read you book thoroughly – any additional changes to your manuscript will be charged at my hourly rate.

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